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MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Long Question Answers Notes

Q.14. Bring out clearly the basic structure of a business report.

Or Explain the usual pattern of layout of a business report. (2014-15) (2006-07)

Ans. Layout/Style of a Business Report: The form and style of a business report depends upon its purpose. However, the major content that a formal business report carries are as follows:?

  1. Title Page: The detailed or long report has a separate sheet forming the cover of the report There are different kinds of report covers varying in colour and flexibility. The external appearance of the report depends upon how the binding devices permit its form. The title page shows the title of the report, the name of the author, the date and sometimes other facts also. It is brief but also informative.

2. Table of Contents: The table of content provides the outline of the she report. The table of contents helps the reader to find quickly any section or part of the report that secially provide interests to him or her. The table of contents presents the items as they are arangements of the layout of the table of contents. The table of contents also provides a quick and comprehensive the layout of the table of contents. The table of contents is prepared.

3. Acknowledgement: In this section, we acknowledge any Induding books, articles in magazines, journals, records of investigations, experiments ‘ction, we acknowledge any help received from any sources other and also help in giving more direct ways by firms and persons. In In doing so, we are sincere and courteous in our language and expression. Sometimes, acknowledgment is incuded in the preface itself.

4. Synopsis or Abstract or Summary: After the knowledgement, the synopsis summarizing the evidence and recommendatiokns is given. The synopsis or and abstract gives the reader a quick grasp of the substance of the report. A summary is presented logically as the report appears, whereas the abstract presents a qualitative description of the report.

5. Body of the Report: The body of the report is arranged in various sections each with appropriate heading and sub-heading. The different sections of the report are as follows:

  • Introduction: The introduction prepares the reader for the content in the report. A good Introduction sets out the terms of reference and states how far it has been carried out. The reader accordingly gets an idea what he or she has to look for the purpose of the project.

(b) Methods of Investigation: In the section of report, basic problems are investigated, Interpreted, analysed and thereafter judgements are given, by following certain procedure and method for collecting the data, to organise the report to the recommendations. It actually highlights how information has been obtained from various sources.

(c) Discussion or Description: This section describes the main business of the report. It contains the data which are so organised in a logical order that yields results which again are inferred. These are then evaluated.

(d) Findings: In this section, the various solutions that emerges from the investigation are presented together with the respective merits and demerits of each. There is a clear explanation of all solutions. On the basis of the analysis of the findings, the appropriate judgements are formed.

(e) ( Conclusions: To give a sense of finality and completion to the process of discussion, the

investigator makes certain remarks at the end of the discussion which closes the discussion yielding the reader a psychological assurance of reaching the end.

(f) Recommendations: Recommendations are given or included in the report when they are sought. Recommendations suggest the course of action to be taken and indicate the result in effect. Recommendations are clearly derived from the conclusions.

6. Appendices: Appendices are the useful sections or elements of a report. Appendices provide a convenient means of relieving the text and the reader of any detailed information which digress the text of the line of argument or is of little interest to the reader.

7. List of References: In the text of the report we may have used or quoted some matter published or unpublished. In this section, we give credit to the authors concerned by listing them at the end of the report, when we cite them in the text.

8. Bibliography: Unlike list references, bibliography is a list of sources consulted. The entries in ne bibliography are given in the alphabetical order in the text.

9. Glossary of Technical Terms: A glossary explains the list of technical words used in the report. The decision of including words and other terms in glossary depends upon the readership of the report.

10. Index. The index is included in those reports where the table of content is not adequate to help he reader to locate a topic or sub-topic easily.

11.Other Elements: Apart from the above mentioned elements of a report, we also som include front space, copyright notice, list of illustrations and preface.

MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Long Question Answers Notes
MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Long Question Answers Notes

Q.15.Discuss what are the important parts of a report. Also, mention the features of an informational report. (2009-10 (2015-16)

Or Give four examples of informational reports.

Ans. Although the structure of a report can vary, business and academic reports usually contain th following parts:

1. Title page.

2. Table of contents.

3. Acknowledgment

4. Synopsis or abstract or summary

5. Body of the report

6. Appendices

7. List of references

8. Bibliography

9. Glossary of technical terms

10. Index

11. Other elements

For Details of Parts of Report: Refer to Sec-C, 0.14.

Informational Report: This report contains the data collected or the facts observed in an organised form. It presents the situation as it is.

Features of Informational Report: The important features of an informational report are as follows:

1. It informs or instructs present information.

2. Reader sees the details of events, activities or the conditions.

3. It has no analysis of the situation, no conclusion and no recommendations.

4. It presents relevant data required by management to take decisions.

Examples of Informational Report: Topics or subjects found in these can be about one specific thing or a group of things. Some examples include:

1. Cars, 2. Ocean animals, 3. Rainforests, 4. Pollution,

5. Computers.

Q.16. Assume that you are the chairman of a committee appointed by the President of the emplovees union of your company to look into the complaints against the functioning of the canteen on than measures for improvement. Write a report containing your analysis and recommendation (2009-10)

Ans.                            Report Containing Analysis and Recommendations

14th July, 2016,

The Director,

Employees Union,

J.R.S. Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi-110001

Subject: Report of the functioning of canteen in the premises,


I am appointed as the chairman of committee by the President of Employees 1 complaints regarding improper functioning of canteen in the premises. In this connection, I conducted a survey and collected necessary information.

  1. The quality of food products in the canteen is becoming low and needs improvement.
  2. Contractor is not paying proper attention on the pricing and a Paying proper attention on the pricing and are charging more rates than market.

3. Extra rush at the time of lunch or breakfast makes employees

lunch or breakfast makes employee suffer and there is no time management also.

In my opinion, there is a possibility of changing this contractor and hire the best one.

Suggestions and Recommendations: .

1. Either the best contractor can be hired or the current one or can be hired or the current one must be warned for improvements.

2. Good quality products must be used or they are to be checked De 3. Proper arrangement for supply of items to all req rangement for supply of items to all requiring them, be made with time management

onditions of canteen and making a queue for convenience. All these measures can improve in the premises.

Yours faithfully,

Sarvesh Oberoi


Q.17. Madhusugar Fruit Canning Company, Hyderabad proposes to open a branch factory in Goa in order to make advantage of the different variety of fruits available in the region. A sub-committee of directors has been appointed to examine the feasibility of the proposal. Write a report recommending a sultable location for the factory.(2010-11)

Ans.Report for Suitable Location

The Board of Directors,

Madhusugar Fruit Canning Company,


Subject: Report to open a branch factory in Goa.


As instructed by yourself we have examined the feasibility and proposal to open a branch factory in Goa in order to take advantage of different variety of fruits available in the region.

Following are the recommendations for suitable location:

1. The sub-committee met a number of property dealers of this locality to find out, if the suitable site could be made.

2. The sub-committee visited the various places of Goa to study its suitability for setting up a plan for the factory.

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