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MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Question Answers Study Notes

MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Question Answers Study Notes study Material Notes Chapter wise unit wise notes division of the content Knowledge Boosters to illuminate the learning Study Material Notes

MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports  Question Answers Study Notes
MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Question Answers Study Notes

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Q.1. Define the term business letter.

Ans. Letters related with business affairs are termed as business letters. These letters help the businessman to build the new relations and maintain the existing relations. These letters are written to achieve definite purposes such as selling product, making an enquiry, seeking information, etc.

Q.2. Name any three types of request letter.

Ans. The three types of request letter are

1. Requesting routine information related with product.

2. Request for a loan from a bank or a financial institution

3. Request letter to establish relationship with formal customers.

Q.3. Give any three objectives of sales letter.

Ans. The three objectives of sales letter are:

1. To introduce the salesman to the potential customers.

2. To create and maintain the firm goodwill among the customers.

3. To serve as a silent salesman wherever a salesman cannot reach the customers.

Q.4. What is meant by good news letter?

Ans. Good news letters are written to convey the pleasant news to the reader. These letters gain the positive reaction of the reader: Thus, a good news letter is a letter which conveys a positive message to the reader.

Q.5. What is meant by report?

Ans. A report is an information about some happening which is collected by someone to convey it orally or in written to someone.

Q.6. What are the four characteristics of a good report?

Ans. The four important characteristics of a good report are:

1. Accuracy of facts.

2. Objectivity of recommendations.

3. Simple and unambiguous language.

4. Grammatical accuracy.

Q.7. Write down the three importances of business report.

Ans. The three importances of business report are:

1. Give or provide detailed and accurate information.

2. Helpful in taking correct decisions.

3. Provide effective solutions to complicated problems.

Q.8. Give the four importances of business letter.

Ans. The four importances of business letter are: 1. Widen contracts.

2. Provide record and reference.

3. Evidence of contracts.

4. Exchange of information.

Q.9. What is sales letter?

Ans. In the highly competitive business of today, publicity and advertisements have become essential for every business enterprise. Sales letters are one form of advertising. These eners enable businessman to approach present and potential customers easily and at low cost.

Q.10. What do you mean by a resume?

Ans. A resume is a written summary of one’s educational qualification and experience. It is a method of presentation through which a candidate present their life achievements, personal details and academic qualifications to the possible employer. Thus, resume provides maximum Information about the candidate in an impressive way.

Q.11. Define the term enclosures.

Ans. It is always a good policy to mention the number of nature of the documents and other papers enclosed with the application letter. The number of papers or documents enclosed other than this application are called enclosures.

Q.12. Discuss the Shannon-Weaver model.

Ans. Shannon and Weaver developed a model in 1949 in the field of electronic communication Their model was popularly known as mathematical model. This model consists of information source, transmitter, noise source, receiver and destination.

Q.13. State Thill and Bovee model.

Ans. Thill and Bovee model states that communication process starts from the generation of idea and upto reaction. When an idea emerges in the mind of somebody, it changes into message. Then it is sent to the receiver, who analyse it and sends his reaction to sender in the form of feedback.

Q.14. Write down any two features of report.

Ans. The two features of report are:

1. A report is a statement containing some information or an account of something.

2. It contains conclusions drawn by the writer with the producer followed for collection and

interpretation of data.

Q.15. Discuss about human relations.

Ans. Effective communication between management and employees is necessary to develop mutual trust and confidence. Participation of employees in the decision-making process and other means of communication helps to develop among employees a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organisation

Q.16. What is statutory report?

Ans. Report prepared and presented according to the form and procedure laid down by law is called statutory report. Report submitted at the statutory meeting of shareholders, directors report to the annual general meeting, annual returns, auditors report, etc. are the examples of statutory reports.

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