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MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Question Answers Study Notes

Q.17. What do you mean by informational report?

Ans. An informational report presents the data collected or facts observed in an organised form. does not contain conclusions or recommendations. It presents the situation as it is and not as it should be

MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports  Question Answers Study Notes
MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Question Answers Study Notes

Q.18. Write down the four guidelines for effective drafting.

Ans. The four guidelines for effective drafting are: Balanced presentation.

2. Clear and simple language.

3. Impressive and forceful.

4. Based on truth and facts.

Q.19. What do you mean by office memorandum?

Ans. Memorandum is more popularly known as memo. The literal meaning of the word memorandum is a note to assist to memory. Memorandum is singular in number. Its plural form is memorandums or memoranda. Amemo is used for internal communication between executives and subordinates or officers of the same level. It is never sent outside the organisation. A memo can be filed for future reference.

Q.20. What are the three factors of the memo format?

Ans. The three factors of the memo format are:

1. Who is going to read the memo.

2. The subject-matter of the memo.

3. The company house style.

Q.21. Write down any two important points involved in drafting office order.

Ans. The two important points involved in drafting office order are:

1. Order must be very concise, they must not contain any unnecessary details.

2. Orders should clearly specify who they are meant for. Some orders are sent to the concerned

individuals with copies to the concerned departments, other may be meant for display on the

notice boards.

Q.22. Define office circulars.

Ans. Office circulars are meant to convey the same information to a large number of people. Such information is usually of general nature and not confidential.

Q.23. What do you mean by drafting?

Ans. Process of preparing rough format of letters, circulars and notes before giving them final touch is known as drafting. Rough drafting of any letter, information or circular is done before sending them to higher authorities.

Q.24. What is editing?

Ans. Editing is a very important step in achieving writing skills because mistakes in writing can change the entire meaning of the sentence. It is seen in the editing whether the selection of words is appropriate or not, language of drafting is of high quality, there is no technical mistake or format of drafting is perfect or not, etc.

Q.25. What is presentation?

Ans. In industry and commerce, the term presentation has come to be used in preference to public speaking. Presentation is generally or occasionally required while launching a new product, starting a training, presenting a new business plan, etc. Thus, presentation requires careful preparation which is a formal occasion with usual use of audio-visual aids and team work.

Q.26 What do you mean by oral presentation?

Ans. When a person expresses his views in his own words on the predetermined topic, it is called oral presentation. Oral presentation refers to a speech presented before a group of audience to tell about a product, idea or service, etc.

Q.27. Write down the four factors affecting the oral presentation.

Ans. The four factors affecting the oral presentation are:

1. Language and words.

2. Audience analysis.

3. Quality of voice.

4. Answering questions.

Q.28. Define the term speech.

Ans. In oral communication, speech is a widely adopted tool of communication. Speech is an art wrough which we can influence people and make acquaint to them with our views, knowledge, feelings and emotions. Speeches are the indispensable part of business communication.

Q.29. What is group presentation?

Ans. When more than one speaker present their views on a pre-decided topic to the audience, it is termed as group presentation. Group presentation mainly occurs in meetings, seminars and conferences.

Q.30. What are the two types of individual presentation?

Ans. The two types of individual presentation are as:

1. When there is one speaker and one listener.

2. When there is one speaker and a small group of listeners.

Q.31. What is meant by trade union movement?

Ans. In banking sector, employee unions are very strong and powerful. Management must consult union leaders on several matters. Regular exchange of information and ideas between managers and union officials help to maintain healthy relations between them.

Q.32. What is the basic purpose of oral presentation?

Ans. There are three basic purposes for giving oral presentation which are:

1. To inform.

2. To perform.

3. To build goodwill.

Q.33. What are the different characteristics of a good speech?

Ans. The different characteristics of a good speech are:

1. Keep the speech as brief as possible.

2. Use only accurate material.

3. Adapt your material to the audience, the occasion and the speaker.

4. Create anticipation with your words.

Q.34. How a presentation could be drafted?

Ans. Basically, all presentations should follow this structure:

1. Attention-getting opener.

2. Brief overview of the topic.

3. Describe what your audience needs, that is the problem.

4. Explain how your solution meets that need.

5. Tell how your audience can implement your solution, that is action steps.

6. Brief summary and conclusion.

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