MBA 1st Year Employment Communication Short Question Answers Notes

Q.5. Give a brief opinion on ‘Technological advancement in business communication’

Ans. “Technological Advancement in Business Communication: Anyone who has owned or for a business knows that the continual advancement of technology goes hand in hand with the adva of business communication. In the last ten years alone, the tremendous technological advancement have taken place in communication have changed the way we do business so drastically.

1. Cloud Computing: It is the latest trend to hit business communication. The most simple word describe cloud computing is by comparing it to an electricity grid. A ‘Cloud’ of shared servers provid. resources such as software and data to a host of other computers all on demand. In reality, cloud computing is the natural evolution of the web-based world of communication. It takes the management of the technological infrastructure out of the hands of the IT professionals, who can now focus on their areas of expertise such as \development. The use of cloud computing from a business communication standpoint brings in the discussion of finance. Small to medium size businesses no longer have need to purchase, set up and maintain their own server. New businesses can simply supply themselves with the appropriate equipment to manufacture their product, i.e. a computer and an Internet connection and be ready to communicate to their customers.

2. The Book Reader: It is another latest trend to appear on the business communication horizon, but it is not clear if purveyors of commerce have fully appreciated its potential. The book reader has the ability to scan printed material, recognise the characters and using text-to-speech software, play it on the user’s computer to mobile audio player. In other words, you could listen to this article on your ipod. Most business people receive their e-mail on their phone and check, now large volume documents, contracts, training manuals and other printed matter could be downloaded to any device. The affect on business communication is potentially quite significant, but the software is not widely tested or used as yet.

3. Social Media Networking: It has officially crossed over from only being used socially to an important and viable method of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Using tools like facebook, blogs, public forums and wiki sites, business can better know how to attract and keep their customers, CRM helps in acquiring new customers through contact management, sales and customers satisfaction. Enhancing CRM occurs through excellent business communication and the use of customer service cools such as product experts and ease of purchasing. Retaining customers occurs through loyalty and reward. CRM software or databases can notify the business owner or long-term clients and create the ability to recognise them through promotional measures. Many companies are choosing to create interactive websites whereby the client can attain a report, invoice or product information whenever they feel the need. This creates a whole new level of service quality, as well as opening up the field of business communication. No longer does the client have to wait for 9 a.m. Monday morning.

4. Powerpoint Presentations: Powerpoint presentations have been around for over a decade, but they are still a valuable audio-visual tool in business communication. Dynamic presentations aimed at teaching the client about the product or service, are full of impact and have a much clearer result than a one-dimensional oral presentation. Even telephones are being used in a more purposeful way in business communication and not always for talking.

E-mail. Text Messaging and Internet: These are readily available and highly useful tools for any business person. The book readers (as previously mentioned) will soon allow business related documents to be read on a cell phone.

Technology will continue to advance and new communication devices will emerge. The trick to successful business communication is in keeping up with trends and learning how they can make your business better.

Q.6. Write a short note on Intranet.

Ans. Intranet: An Intranet is a computer network that uses Internet Protocol technology to securely share any part of an organisation’s information or network operating system within that organisation. The term is used in contrast to Internet, a network between organisations and instead refers to a network

Sometimes, the term refers only to the organisation’s internal website, but may hea more extensive part of the organisation’s information tech

of the organisation’s information technology infrastructure. It may host multiple constitute an important component and focal point of internal communication and well known Internet protocols, may be found in an Intranet, such as HTTP (web

lail) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Internet technologies are often developed to Provide modern interfaces to legacy information systems hosting.corporate data.

An Intranet is a private network that is contained within an enterprise.

It may consist of many interlinked local area networks and also use leased lines in the wide area network. Typically, an Intranet includes connections through one or more gateway computers to the outside Internet. The main purpose of an Intranet is to share company information and computing resources among employees. An Intranet can also be used to facilitate working in groups and for teleconferences.

In many organizations, Intranets are protected from unauthorized external access aby means of a network gateway and firewall. For smaller companies, intranets may be created simply by using. private IP ranges. In these cases, the Intranet can only be directly accessed from a computer in the local network, however, companies may provide access to off-site employees by using a virtual private network. Other security measures may be used, such as user authentication and encryption.

Alternatively, the Intranet domain may be publicly accessible, but users would need to log in Deo they could view most of the content.

MBA 1st Year Employment Communication Short Question Answers Notes
MBA 1st Year Employment Communication Short Question Answers Notes

Q.7. How would you prepare a curriculum vitae for applying to a multinational IT company for the position of a senior engineer?(2009-10)

Ans.                            CV for the Position of Senior Engg.


214 Hampton Avenue,

New York

Carrer Objectives

To use my vast administrative experience in ensuring a proper and efficient management of the office and  staff for maximum output of both staff and company,

Professional Experience

2009-present: Senior engineer-Three way investments


1. Managed billing procedures and staff performance.

2. Processed a high number of claims on a regular basis.

3. Designed a range of accounting systems for improved accountability,

4. Drafted contracts and settled client claims.

organisational changes without de stabilising the

5. Designed operations of the firm.

6. Responsible for budget control and cost estimations.

Academic Qualifications

1. 2006-2008: M.Tech.-Harvard University

2. 2000-2004: B.Tech.–Chicago University


1. Recruited a team of competent and result oriented junior staff members.

2. Developed the performance level of staff members.By implement`ting staff motivation strategies.       Q

3. Averted a potential financial crisis by ensuring the

tential financial crisis by ensuring that costs were reduced without compromising on productivity.


Dancing, making friends and playing cricket.

Q.8. Reply to the following advertisement appearing in the tribune of the 13th March, 1978.

“Wanted-a computer operator for our office. Must be at least a graduate in computer science, Preference will be given to one knowing Bookkeeping and Hindi. Apply to the manager, Ramkrishna Stores, Kerala, stating the minimum salary acceptable.'(2010-11) 

Ans.Reply to Advertisement

15th March, 1978

The Manager,

Ramkrishna Stores,


Respected Sir,

With reference to your advertisement for the post of computer operator which appeared in “Times of India’ on 13th March, 1978, I am applying for the same. My resume is enclosed with this and as you can see from the enclosures, my experience and qualifications match the requirements of this position.

I would like to point out that I have completed my graduation, le BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) from Integral University and was hired in UPTEC computer consultancy because of my expertise in computer’s field.

During the three years of my experience in UPTEC, I further raise my knowledge in computers operations as well as bookkeeping. Even, I have much proficiency in English as well as in Hindi typing, Regarding my salary, there is no particular boundation from my side but still, I have an expectation of at least 8,000 p.m.

I look forward for an opportunity to be a part of your reputed organisation.

Note: Refer to my CV attached along with this letter.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Rajesh Khatri

Q.9. Write down a format of an acceptance letter of a job offer.(2011-12)

Ans.Format of an Acceptance Letter


Name of contact

Company/Organisation name


City, State, Zip code.

Dear Mr, Ms or Dr (contact’s name)

The acceptance letter is a pleasure to write.

In the first paragraph, thank the company or organisation for the offer and accept the position directly.

In the second paragraph, restate about the contract provisions as you understand them, ie, the points which you have discussed in relation to your employment for the post. These points may include salary, location and other benefits. You can mention your date when you wish to join. These details should be repeated as they provide documentation of understanding between you and the organisation before signing the contract.

To conclude the letter, end with a statement of opportunity to join the company. Remember to be thankful.


(Your Signature)

Your Name

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