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MBA 1ST Year Material and Inventory Management very Short Question Answers in English

MBA 1ST Year Material and Inventory Management Short Question Answer: – In this Post, you will find MBA 1 year related to important questions related to the answer such as the Operation Concept Answer and many other important questions. very Short Questions are answered in section A

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MBA 1ST Year Material and Inventory Management Short Question Answer
MBA 1ST Year Material and Inventory Management Short Question Answer

Section A


Q.1. What do you mean by production planning?

Ans. Production planning is a preproduction activity involving arranging facilities and designing the production system. It is concerned with developing specific course of action for production system. It thus, involves management decision relating to how much to produce, what materials, parts and tools will be needed.

Q.2. Give the objectives of production planning.

 Ans. The various objectives of production planning are:

1. To analyse the sales forecasts.

2. To make preparations and take necessary steps for manufacturing.

3. To ensure the maximum efficiency of the plant.

4. To utilise the maximum production capacity.

5. To produce at cheaper cost.

Q.3. What do you know about routing?

Ans. Routing refers to the determination of path or route on which manufacturing operations will travel, establishing the sequence of operations, to be followed in manufacturing a particular product. It includes the planning of where and by when work shall be done, the determination of path that work shall follow and necessary sequence of operations, it forms a ground work for most of the scheduling and dispatching functions of planning department.

Q.4. State the objectives of routing.

Ans. The objectives of routing are:

1. Determining the most feasible sequence of operations and ensuring that this sequence must be followed.

2. Utilising the physical human resources, materials and machines employed in the production to the best.

3. Exercising the influence upon the design of the factory building and the machines.

Q.5. What are the advantages of routing?

Ans. The advantages of routing are as follows:

1. It leads to smooth and efficient work.

2. It leads to division of labour.

3. It ensures a continuous flow of materials without any backtracking.

4. It saves time and space.

5. It makes the work easy for the production engineers and foremen.

MBA 1ST Year Material and Inventory Management Short Question Answers in English

Q.6.  Define scheduling.

Ans. Scheduling is the allocation of start and finish time to each particular order. Therefore scheduling can bring productivity in shop floor by providing a calendar for processing a set of jobs,

The single machine scheduling problem consists of n jobs with the same single operation on each of the jobs, while the flow shop scheduling problem consists of n jobs with m operations on each of the jobs.

Q.7. What Is forward scheduling?

Ans. Forward scheduling refers to the situation in which the system takes an order and then schedules each operation that must be completed forward in time, A system that forward schedules can tell the earliest data that an order can be completed.

Q.8. What do you understand by backward schoduling?

Ans. Backward scheduling starts from some date in the future and schedule the required operations in reserved sequence. The backward schedule tells when an order must be started in order to be done by a specific date.

Q.9. What is machine limited process?

Ans. In a machine limited process, equipment is the critical resource that is scheduled.

Q.10. What do you mean by labour limited process?

Ans. In a labour limited process, people are the key resource that is scheduled. Most actual processes are either labour limited or machine limited but, luckily, not both.

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