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MBA 1st Year Network And Internet Short Questions Answers Study Notes

Q.6. What are the differences between Internet and intranet?(2011-12) 

Ans. The differences between Internet and intranet are as follows: Internet: The details in this regard are as follows:

1. It is a network of computers used globally. 

2. It has unlimited number of users. 

3. It contains a large number of intranets. 

4. It contains unlimited source of information. 

5. It is also a collection of LAN, WAN and MAN. 

Intranet: The details in this regard are as follows: 

1. It is a network of computers designed for a particular group of users. 

2. It has a limited number of users. 

3. It can be accessed from Internet but with restrictions. 4. It contains only specific group purpose information.

5. It contains mostly any of LAN, MAN and WAN. 

Q.7. Discuss the concept of downloading and uploading in the Internet.(2010-11 

Or What do you mean by downloading from and uploading to the Internet?(2006-07, 07-08 

Ans. Uploading: Uploading means loading some files or software from your computer to the particular server. It refers to copying files from a smaller peripheral system to a larger central system It can be done while the computer is performing other tasks although this slows down the speed computer. When you add your photo to your Orkut ID, it is a kind of uploading.

Downloading: Downloading is the process of copying softwares or files from a remote server into the secondary memory of one’s own machine ie the machine through which the Internet is being accessed currently. When downloading files, the more time is used to complete the transferimen larger just as is done in uploading.

Files are downloaded when they are transferred from a server to a smaller per data is being transferred from one system to another it is either being uploaded or downoaded Therefore, to download is to receive data from a remote or central system. 

Q.8. What is WWW? How are the addresses defined on the Internet? What is the significance of world (2007-08) wide web? 

Or What is the significance of world wide web?(2015-16) 

Ans. WWW (World Wide Web): The WWW is a set of programs, standards and protocols which govern the way in which multimedia files like text, graphics, video, etc. are created and displayed on the Internet.

Significance of www: WWW is a repository of information linked together from all over the world. It has a unique combination of portability, flexibility and other user friendly features that make it different from other services which are provided by the Internet. It was initiated to create a system to handle distributed resources which are necessary for scientific research.

MBA 1st Year Network And Internet Short Questions Answers Study Notes

Addresses on Internet: Internet addresses are defined as www.gmail.com where www stands for World Wide Web. It is the most popular aspect of the Internet and a popular service after FTP and e-mail. It is based on non-line document containing text, images, videos, sound effects, etc. The documents with these items are arranged in a systematic manner. The contents which are stored on www are assets through interactive software called as “Web browser. In the website address, gmail is a company name and com denotes the commercial website.

Q.9. What is web browser? Name any two web browsers.(2006-07, 15-16) 

Ans. Web Browser: It is a software which is used to access the website. It is an application used to enable computer users to locate and access the webpages. It translates the HTML code that allows us to see the pictures, text, images, videos and even help us to travel to the different webpages

There are several types of web browsers available on the Internet. They have the same function and are used to transfer hypertext. The most common web browsers used are Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. These browsers support not only HTTP but also other TCP/IP protocols and other security options.

The browsers are mainly used to navigate and show pages on browser’s screen which have multimedia features, i.e. they may have a simple text or a combination of image, audio, video, etc. 

Q:10. Discuss about some additional toolbar options. 

Or What is the purpose of favorites option in Internet Explorer?(2006-07) 

Ans. Additional Toolbar Options: Some additional toolbar options are as follows: 

1. Stop: The circle containing the will stop a page while it is in the process of loading. This is La page is not successfully or speedily retrieving. 

2. Refresh: The square containing the two curved arrows re-retrieves the page you are currently. This is useful if the page does not load successfully or completely . 

3. Home: The home icon takes you back to the page that was on the screen when you first started IE 6.0.

Search: The search button opens up a function that uses one or more web search tools. You can e the search tool(s) you want as your default.

You can also customise your search experience. After clicking on search, choose the customise on and make your selection. A pop-up window called “Customise search setting will appear.

5. favourites: Favourites are websites you have visited that you would like to store for easy access. You can add, delete and organise your favourites.

MBA 1st Year Network And Internet Short Questions Answers Study Notes
Fig. Additional toolbar options.

(a) To add the current web page as a favourite, click on favourite and then add. To choose the folder where you want to store this listing click on create-in and choose the folder you want. At this point, you also have the option to create a new folder. 

(b) To delete a favourite, simply right click on the items and choose delete or you can choose organise select the desired item and click on the Delete button. 

(c) To move a favourite to another folder, click on organise, select the desired items and click on move to folder in the pop-up window, select the folder where you would like to store this listing 

Q.11. How will you search the Intemet by using Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Or How will you search a website on Internet? Explain with the help of an example. (2006-07) 

Or How does searching from Internet helps a manager? 

Ans. Searching Using Microsoft Internet Explorer: Search the internet with a search engine:

1. On the toolbar, click the Search button. 

2. In the search bar that appears in the left pane of your Internet Explorer  6.0 Window, choose

your preferred search engine from the drop-down list in the box labelled, select provider 

3. Depending on the search engine you’ve chosen, you may now have some options for configuring your search. Make your selections or accept the default selections. 4. In the appropriate text box, type the word or phrase you’re looking for and then click Search,

Submit or Go. Get it depending on the search engine. The search results appear in the list within the search bar 

5. Click any link to open the associated webpage in the right pane of your Internet Explorer 6.0 Window. 

6. Any time you want to pursue another link from the search results, click it. The new web page will open in the right pane. 

7. To hide the search bar, click the Search button on the toolbar again.

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