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MBA 1st Year Network And Internet Very Short Questions Answers Notes

Q.24. What is CSMA/CD?

Ans. CSMA/CD stands for Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) with is the method used on Ethernet networks whereby all commute used on Ethernet networks whereby all computers on the network check the cable for traffic before attempting to transmit a packet. more than one transmits at the same time then will be a collision and both computers will wait a random amount of time and retransmint.

Q.25. What is RFC and FYI?

Ans. RFI: RFC stands for ‘Request for comments’. These are document created by and distributed to the internet community to help define the nuts and bolts of the internet. Theyi contain bth technical specifications and general information.

FYI: FYI stands for ‘for your Information’.

These notes are a subset of RFCs and contain information of interest to new Internet users.

Q.26. What do you mean by newsgroup?

Ans. Usenet newsgroup is Internet discussion group on just about any topic you can imagine. There are more than 50,000 newsgroups and more are added all the time. Each newsgroup covers a particular topic, often alluded to in its name.

A newsgroup creates a discussion string or a series of related messages. Each message respond to an earlier message or addresses the overall newsgroup topic in some way. You can post your own message in response to the message that interest you most. 

Q.27. What are the various types of Internet connections?

Ans. There are two types of Internet connections:

1. Shell Account: In shell account, you have a text based user interface.

2. TCP/IP Account: You have Graphical User Interface (GUI). In comparison to TCP/IP account, shell account is very fast but to work on it is more monotonous and difficult to work on than TCP/ IP account. Though TCP/IP account is slower than shell account, it is more user friendly, you can add graphics, sound, video effects, etc. as well as you can watch graphics, see films and their clippings, play music and games and add a lot more in a TCP/IP account. Working in these two types of account may be compared to work on Unix (shell account) and Windows (TCP/IP account) respectively. 

Q.28. What is carbon copy in e-mail?

Ans. The Carbon Copy (CC) field is used when the e-mail is meant to be received by multiple recipients. Every one listed in the CC field will receive the exact same message. You may enter multiple addresses by separating them with commas (e.g.johndoe@yahoo.com, jondoe@hotmail.com) 

Q.29. What is simplex transmission mode?

Ans. Simplex transmission mode is one directional only. Suppose there are two terminals A and B. transmission is possible from A to B but not from B to A.

MBA 1st Year Network And Internet Very Short Questions Answers Notes
MBA 1st Year Network And Internet Very Short Questions Answers Notes

Q.30. When you have connected 3PCs of your small office with each other using a Hub/Switch to share data, then you are on which type of computer networking architecture?(2015-16) 

Ans. In the given case, the type of computer networking architecture used is LAN (Local Area Network). It offers reliable high speed communication channels optimised for connecting information processing equipment in a limited geographical area. It is a form of local shared packet network for computer communications.

LAN interconnects computers and peripherals over a common medium in order that users might share access to host computers, databases, files, applications and peripherals. Such a network is easy to maintain and makes the network quite simple for the end users. 

Q.31. Write down the advantages of using a computer network over a cluster of stand-alone computers.(2005-06, 06-07) 

Ans. The advantages of using a computer network over a cluster of stand-alone computers are as follows:

1. We can share information and easily access data from a distance without going to that place or computer. 

2. We can attach a single printer for a network of computers, i.e. other peripheral devices like

CD-ROM, printers, etc. in a network. 

3. Sharing of resources results in saving of money. This is the main reason for using of computer network. A single computer cannot share resources and information.

Q.32. Mention the purpose of HTML forms.(2011-12) 

Ans. HTML forms provide a large set of data input features found in papers. A form can be used to capture manually entered information to a database. The main purpose of HTML forms is to send information or data to a server. These are the main ways to collect information from the users. The purpose of these forms is that they are used to allow people to submit information to a particular website.

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