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MBA 1st Year Production Technology Concept Long Question Answers

MBA 1st Year Production Technology Concept Long Question Answers : 2nd  Semester Examination Very Short Question Answers MBA Unit -1 and Production Technology Loge  Sample Question Paper in English

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MBA 1ST Year Production Technology Long Question Answers 2nd Semester

Q.1. Explain concept and functions of operations management.

Or Trace the evolution of production function.

Operations management is defined as the design, operation and, B O Production improvement of the transformation process, w and operations e desired output of products and services. various inputs In management talks Operations management is a broad term which includes about applying business manufacturing as well as service organizations. Operations organization and management also highlights the increasing importance of the management concepts service industry in the overall business environment. There is a growing need for the application of the principles of operations in creation of goods and management in the service industry.

Functions Evolution of Production and Operations Management

The functions of production and operations management are as follows:

1. Planning Production planning deals with the preparation of long-term and short-term production programmers. The production planning function includes the preparation of demand schedules for various kinds of materials, manpower’s and production facilities required at various points of time.

2. Purchasing: Purchasing is the main function of production and operations management decisions relating to purchase level. Order frequency, quality of material, quantity of material, etc. are made by material department in consultation with the production manager.

3. Manufacturing: The output generated by the production process has to be monitored by production manager during the process to ensure that it is according to the desired standards.

4. Quality Control: The production manager is also responsible for maintaining a specific quality of the product. Steps should be taken to produce the goods according to the specifications and to minimize the amount of defective work. The defective work should be stored out and sold separately.

5. Production Control: Once the production starts, it is to be checked by the production manager whether the workers are performing with full efficiency or not. In addition, the utilisation of available resources in the best possible way is to be planned and controlled on operation scheduling.

6. Plant Engineering: Plant engineering has the responsibility for maintaining the plant and equipment, and services including light, heat and power.

7. Plant Layout: Facility location planning, facility capacity planning and facility layout planning are the main functions of the production management.

8. Work Measurement: One of the main responsibilities of the production manager is to control and reduce the labour cost per unit. At different levels of production, the labour cost per unit differs.

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