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MBA 1st Year Semester Hardware Very Short Questions Answers Study Material Notes

Q.29. What is an optical disk?

Ans.  An optical disk is also known as laser disk or optical laser disk. It is a storage sve consists of a rotating disk, which is coated with a thin material that is highly reflective. 

Q.30. What is meant by hard disk?

Ans.  Hard disks are the secondary storage devices used in most computer systems tod are made of light metal (frequently aluminium). Hard disk is a rigid plotter or stack of plotters with a magnetised surface information recorded on the hard disk in the form of tiny invisible mac and non-magnetised spots (representing 1s and Os) on the coated surfaces of the disk Hard Disbased (HDD) is used to write and read the information on a hard disk.

MBA 1st Year Semester Hardware Very Short Questions Answers Study Material Notes

Q.31. Write the four main varieties of CDs. 

Ans. The four main varieties of CDs are:

1. Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM). 

2. Compact Disk-Write-Once, Read-Many (CD-WORM). 

3. Compact Disk-Rewritable (CD-RW).

4. VCD (Video CD), SVCD (Super VCD), Photo CD, Picture CD, etc. 

Q.32. What do you understand by multitasking and multiprocessing operating systems?

Ans. Multitasking Operating System: It is a type of multiprogramming operating system. When a program executes (using the CPU), it is also known as task. A multitasking OS allows two or more tasks to be run simultaneously in a single user system. Multitasking operation is one of the mechanisms that multiprogramming OS employs in managing the computer resources.

Multiprocessing Operating System: In multiprocessing OS, multiple CPUs (or processors) are attached in a single computer and they run more than one program at one time. 

Q.33. What do you understand by time-sharing operating system?

Ans.  A time-sharing OS allows many users’ programs to run simultaneously in multiuser system. In this system, a time slice is decided by the OS (suppose, 4 milliseconds). CPU runs first program for one time slice, then second program for other time slice, and so on. After the last program, CPU again run the first program one time slice and continue. As the CPU switches repeatedly from one user’s program to another, each user is given impression that CPU is running only his/her only program while actually one computer is shared among many users. 

Q.34. Give an introduction to Windows XP operating environment.

Ans.  Microsoft introduced an operating environment named Windows on November 20, 1985 as an add-on to MS-DOS in response to the growing interest in Graphical User Interfaces (GUIS). Windows XP is an operating system with GUI (pronounced Gooey).

Windows allows you to use multiple softwares simultaneously and view them on separate scree Data can be shared between different softwares. For example, we can cut a table in MS-LA and paste it into MS-Word document. Similarly, we can draw a picture in MS-Paint and use softwares.

Q.35. Discuss about Windows application.

Ans. In the case of ‘Microsoft Windows’. Windows programs are software applica on a computer, i.e. also running Microsoft Windows as an operating system. A program is a set of logical conditions grouped together to perform Windows application will be run within a ‘Window’ althougn of Microsoft Windows applications are: 

1. Notepad

2. Microsoft Excel 

3. Microsoft Word

4. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Q.36. In which situations, Windows applications are very effective? 

Ans. Windows applications are very effective when:

1. Users may not have access to the Internet. 

2. Processing needs to be done on the client to reduce required bandwidth. 

3. The user interface is complex and need controls that are not available with Internet Explorer or the other Internet Browsers. 

4. A large number of concurrent users would drive up the cost of network resources and web servers. 

5. Higher performance is needed (e.g. faster response to user commands). 

MBA 1st Year Semester Hardware Very Short Questions Answers Study Material Notes

Q.37. Give the procedure of installing Windows XP operating system.

Ans. Installing an operating system means to copy thousands of files of operating system in the secondary storage device of the computer (such as hard disk). The Microsoft Corporation develops the Windows XP operating system. For installing Windows XP operating system, follow these steps:

1. Switch ON the computer system. 

2. Insert CD of Windows XP Professional in the tray of CD (or DVD or Combo) drive. One-by-one, many screens will appear on the monitor screen. 

3. Read the instructions and follow accordingly. Within 30 to 60 minutes, Windows XP will be installed in the computer system. 

Q.38. What is a window in a Windows XP operating system?

Ans. In Windows XP operating system, a window is a rectangular area which belongs to an application in which all Windows-based programs run. Broadly, there are three types of windows in Windows XP operating system:

1. Application Window: It displays a running application. 

2. Document Window: It is that window in which user type or draw something.

3. Dialog Window or Dialog Box: It is used to take some information from the user for the application.

Q.39. What do you mean by scroll bars?

Ans. Mostly applications and document windows have one horizontal and/or one vertical scroll bar. Horizontal scroll bar contains one scroll box, one left scroll arrow and one right scroll arrow. Vertical scroll bar contains one scroll box, one up scroll arrow and one down scroll arrow. You may use mouse or cursor movement keys from the keyboard to move scroll box up/down on a vertical scroll bar and left/right on a horizontal scroll bar to display other parts of the window. 

Q.40. What are the elements of GUI based operating system?

Ans. The elements of GUI based operating system are-desktop window, menu, sub-menu, icons, dialog box, radio button, check box button, command button, list box, slider, task bar.

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