MBA 1st Year Semester Oral Communication Very Short Question Answers Study Notes

Q.18. What is sign language?

Ans. Sign language involves use of audio and video signals.

Q.19. Discuss any three limitations of sign language.

Ans. The three limitations of sign language are as follows:

1. A great amount of skill and effort is required to draw effective pictures, posters and cartoons.

2. On the spot, correction is not possible in sign language.

3. Only simple and elementary ideas can be communicated through sign language.

Q.20. What do you understand by paralanguage?

Ans. The word ‘Para’ means ‘Like’ and therefore, para language is ‘Like language’. It is non-verbal because it does not involve use of words. But it is like verbal communication because it is related to the way, words are spoken.

Q.21. What is time language?

Ans. There is a saying ‘Time is money’. Under time language, we send out signals indicating the importance of time to us. Time management has become a very important part of business management.

Q.22. What do you mean by written communication?

Ans. When communication is done through the written words in the form of letters, memos, reports, etc. it is called written communication. When oral communication can met each and every person concurrent either due to a large number of communication, it is one of the best and reliable way of communication.

Q.23. What are the five guidelines for effective writing?

Ans. The five guidelines for effective writing are:

1. Answer to necessary questions.

2. Use short words in place of long expressions.

3. Avoid technical words or jargon.

4. Writing should be practical and logical.

5. Make the paragraph move forward.

MBA 1st Year Semester Oral Communication Very Short Question Answers Study Notes
MBA 1st Year Semester Oral Communication Very Short Question Answers Study Notes

Q.24. What are the phases in pre-writing?

Ans. The phases in pre-writing are:

1. Defining the purpose.

2. Selecting the most appropriate channel.

3. Visualising the audience.

Q.25. What are the various techniques of writing?

Ans. The various techniques of writing are:

1. Adaptation and selection of word.

2. Care in word choice.

3. Using thesaurus.

4. Writing effective sentences.

5. Developing logical paragraph.

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