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MBA 1st Year Tech Savvy Consultancy Case Study 2 Study Notes Question Answer

MBA 1st Year Tech Savvy Consultancy Case Study 2 Study Notes Question Answer Study Material Notes Sample Model Paper Case Studys Notes Solved case studies for practise of our site.

MBA 1st Year Tech Savvy Consultancy Case Study 2 Study Notes Question Answer
MBA 1st Year Tech Savvy Consultancy Case Study 2 Study Notes Question Answer

Case Study 2

Tech Savvy Consultancy

MBA Topic Chapter Semester Wise Sample Model Practice Question Answer Papers

Alfred is a do-it yourself entrepreneur who built up his fortune in trading. He traded in anything and everything and kept close control of every activity. That was now he had grown rich enough to indulge in his own dream-to build a college in his home town. A college that would be at par to the ones in the better cities, the one in which he could not study himself.

Work started a year back and the buildings were coming along well. He himself did not use computers much and became hooked to the Internet and e-mail only recently. He was determined to provide a PC with Internet connectivity to every students and faculty member. He was currently engrossed in plans for the 100 sweater computer lab.

What was confusing him was the choice of Internet connectivity. He had about a dozen quotations in front of him. Recommendations ranged from 64 Kbps ISDN all the way to 1 Gbps leased line to Guwahati which was almost 200 kms away. Prices ranged from slightly under a lakh all the way upto 25 lakh and beyond. He did not understand most of the equipments quoted firewall, proxy server, cache appliance, nor was he sure what the hidden cost were. Although it went against his very nature, he would have to identify a trustworthy consultant who would help him make sense of the whole thing. 


Q.1. In the context of the given case, what managerial issues need to be addressed by Alfred. Why is it important for managers to be tech savvy?

 Ans. Managerial Issues Addressed by Alfred: These are as follows:

1. Cost of Internet connection. 

2. Leased time or dedicated line to be installed. 

3. Speed of Internet connection.

4. Level of security needed in connection. 

5. Type of appliance required for connection. 

6. Costs hidden in the prescribed project.

A manager who knows less than the managed loses good professional who knows what to ask for, how to delegat manager should know enough to understand what the technologies we use to od be able to participate in meetings.

The importance of managers to be tech savvy: The importance of managers to be tech savvy are:

1. Information systems and technologies are some of the most important tools available to managers for achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity in business operations.

2. Information systems and technologies are a major tool for firms to create new product and services as well as entirely new business models. 

3. Information systems can help a business know its customer and serves them will, the way they want to be served, the cdustomers generally respond by returning and purchasing more.

4. Information systems and technologies have it possible for managers to use real time data from the marketplace when making decisions.

5. These systems help a business achieve a competitive advantage, i.e. performing better than others cha · others charging less for superior products andrging less for superior products and responding to customers and suppliers in real time.

6. For doing business, business firms invest in other systems and technologies. Thus, firms turn . to information systems and technologies to provide capability to respond to information retention and operating requirements. 

MBA 1st Year Tech Savvy Consultancy Case Study 2 Study Notes Question Answer

Q.2. What is the importance of a ‘Systems consultant to an organization? What skills should he/she possess?

Ans. Systems consultant is a consulting professional who is committed to deliver superior services to leading IT organizations across the locations. The importance of systems consultant lies in following:

1. Study of need for changes to the technology adopted by competitors. 

2. Review of business strategy with reference to the recent technology developments. 

3. Investigation of competitive advantage through IT. 

4. Providing specialist expertise, such as database design. 

5. Advising on systems integration and compatibility. 

6. Providing contract managers to cope with loads in a company. 

7. Decides support with project planning and management.

8. Providing staff training and help clients to develop and maintain functional IT. 

Skills of Systems Consultant

A system consultant supporting the services of a company should possess the following skills: 

1. He should possess managerial skills for decision-making and planning. 

2. He must possess some experience in IT industry. 

3. He should have enough patience. 

4. He should have technical skills of computer applications, 

5. He should have leadership qualities to control and manage the organisation.

Q.3. If you are hired as a system consultant, what will you recommend the ideal speed of Internet connection and why? 

Ans. The ideal speed of an Internet connection mainly depends on the constraints of costs and the by the network. These constraints are also subjective for most of the individuals.

Broadband Internet access which is also known as high speed Internet has a high rate of data transmission. So, high speed generally refers to a connection of 256 Kbps or g Ming from telephone lines to satellites.

These high speed connections are related to the following:

1. Cable: Cable Internet service is provided via the same cable used to watch TV, Roughly 70 ti faster than 56 k dial up, cable bandwidth is shared with others online.

2. DSL: Digital Subscriber Line is a high speed connection using the same wires as regularteleri line. Using DSL, Information is sent faster than it is received.

3. Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity uses radio waves to provide wireless high speed Internet connectie Physically wired connections from the user’s computer to a modem are not required. All Wi-Fi stati utilise access points.

4. Wi Max: It provides wireless digital transmission communication or transfer of data. Fixed stations provide Win MAX broadband wireless access upto 30 miles.

5. Satellite: More expensive than cable or DSL, satellite provides a realistic high speed alternative to those living outside cable or DSL provider areas.

The connection to high speed satellite Internet service is comprised of both indoor and outdoor equipments. Outside is an antenna that transmit and receive electrons and indoor is the connecuon of equipment by coaxial cable that connects the computer through a simple USB connector.

So, ideal speed of Internet connection depends on the physical components used in connection.

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