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MBA Ad Budget Question Answer Sample Model Paper in English

MBA Ad Budget Question Answer Sample Model Paper in English

MBA Ad Budget Question Answer Sample Model Paper in English

MBA Ad Budget Question Answer Sample Model Paper in English

MBA Ad Budget Question Answer Sample Model Paper in English
MBA Ad Budget Question Answer Sample Model Paper in English

Ad budget, Methods of budgeting, Measuring effectiveness of advertisement, Legal and Ethical concepts and issues in advertising, Global vs. Local advertising, Decision areas in international advertising, Media planning and strategy-Media types and their characteristics, Setting media objectives; Steps involved in media planning Media strategy, Emerging concepts and Issues in marketing communications

Section A


Q.1. What is advertising budget? 

Ans. Advertising budget is a financial document that shows the amount to be spent on advertising and lists the way this amount is to be allocated. It is a translation of an advertising plan into monetary units that helps in meeting advertising objectives of an organization.

Q.2. What do you know about Ad appropriation?

Ans. Ad appropriation or advertising appropriation is the amount of money or budget which is kept aside for marketing or advertising for a specified time period by an organization. It is an important aspect of marketing and advertising so that better planning can be done with the allocated funds.

Q.3. What is affordable method of Ad budget?

Ans. Affordable method is to find out what the company can afford in a given business situation. According to this method, advertising opportunities are usually overlooked because the advertising expenses are considered to be unaffordable. For example, for a start-up company, investing in advertising would cost a lot.

Q.4. Write in brief about ethical advertising.

Ans. Ethical advertising explains the ethical aspects of advertising in order to ensure truth in advertising. The reality is that truthful advertising in any media is considered not only ethical but also legal The rationale is that truthful advertising not only serves to better educate patients towards a more informed decision and choice regarding their medical care but also enhances competitiveness among providers. Truth in advertising must be verifiable since false misleading or deceptive advertising is.

Qus.5. What is meant by the term ‘International advertising’?

Ans. International advertising means dissemination of a commercial message to target audiences more than one country. It can be viewed as a communication process that takes place in multiple stores differing in terms of values, communication styles and consumption patterns.

Qus.6. what are the potentially competing objectives that must be balanced while developing Interactional advertising

ans. The potentially competing objectives that must be balanced while developing international

advertising are:

  1. Building a brand while speaking with one voice.
  2. Developing economies of scale in the creative process.
  3. Maximizing local effectiveness of ads.
  4. Increasing the company’s speed of implementation.

Q.7. What is the importance of International advertising?

 Ans. International advertising helps to:

  1. Remind customers and prospects about the benefits of products or services,
  2. Establish and maintain distinct identity.
  3. Encourage existing customers to buy more of what we sell.
  4. Attract new customers and replace lost ones.
  5. Slowly build sales to boost the bottom line.
  6. Promote business to customers and investors.

Qus.8. What are the decision areas in International advertising?

Ans. The decision areas in international advertising are:

  1. Organization.
  2. Agency selection.
  3. Advertising and market research.
  4. Creative decisions.
  5. Media selection.
  6. Coordination of IMC tools.

Qus.9. What Is global advertising?

Ans. Global advertising is an advertising on a worldwide scale reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives. It is basically when a company looks at the entire world as one market. It is used by huge chain stores that sell only certain products.

MBA Ad Budget Question Answer Sample Model Paper 

Q.10. How is global advertising different from international advertising? 

Ans. Global advertising is showing the product all over the world. It advertising limits

sounds a lot like international advertising. It is basically when a the ability to distinguish

Company looks at the entire world as one market.

International advertising is when a company that is based in one different countries. Country decides to sell products in another. It sets up offices and headquarters in the other countries. It is almost like a franchise that is being built just in another country.

 Q.11. What are the problems associated with global advertising?

Ans. The problems associated with global advertising are:

  1. Global advertising opines the dissemination of advertising sales messages in order to

market share among other brands in the international markets.

  1. The major problem is the heterogeneous nature of the world, the imbalances between

among cultures, beliefs, values and the inter-relationship in terms of religions, economic and political intercourse.

  1. The task of global advertising is difficult and requires a high level of care and process

to achieve it.

 Q.12. Define media planning and strategy.

A Media planning is a series of decisions involving the delivery of messages to audient strategy refers to decisions on how the media objectives can be attained

Q.13. What are the problems in media planning?

Ans. The various problems in media planning are:

  1. Lack of information.
  2. Inconsistent terms.
  3. Serious time pressure.
  4. Measurement problems.

1 0.14. How are media objectives set?

Ans. Where, when and to whom the messages get delivered form the basis for setting media objectives. As a prelude to setting media objectives, planners need to have a clear understanding of the role that media are to play in the advertising or marketing campaign. Planners set media objectives in terms of reach, frequency, gross rating points and similar concepts.

Setting objectives refer to the media’s ability to enhance a message that tends to be more subjective and less precise in nature. Qualitative objectives are usually more difficult to measure, so, many planners only set media objectives that are specific and measurable

Qus.15. What are the elements Involved in media objectives?

Ans. The three main elements involved in the media objectives are:

  1. Defining the target audience.
  2. Setting broad communication objectives.
  3. Considering creative requirements.

 Qus.16. What is the role of media strategy in advertising?

Ans. Media strategy plays a very important role in advertising. Its role is to find out the right path to transfer or deliver the message to the targeted customers. The basic intention is not only procuring customers for their product but also planning a right message to the right people on the right time and of course that message should be persuasive and relevant

 Qus.17. Discuss the emerging concepts in marketing communication.

Ans. The emerging concepts in marketing communication are programmatic advertising, native advertising, video and mobile advertising, digital advertising, sponsorship, corporate advertising, advertorials and infomercials, public relations, etc.

Qus.18. What is programmatic advertising?

Ans. Programmatic advertising is a systematic process that places ads using artificial intelligence and real time bidding. With it, decisions are no longer in the hands of the media buyer and are instead automated. This allows ads to target specific audiences and demographics more seamlessly on online display channels like social media, mobile and video.

Qus,19. What do you know about native advertising?

Ans. Native advertising is a concept in which the advertisements are cohesively delivered and integrated into the page design. Native is usually displayed in the form of a video or a sponsored article on an editorial web page. This content which promotes a product or service is different from traditional ads.

Qus.20. What is mobile advertising?

Ans. Mobile advertising is a type of advertising that appears on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets that have wireless connections. It can take place as text ads via SMS or banner advertisements that appear embedded in mobile website, in downloaded apps or in mobile games.

MBA Ad Budget Question Answer Sample Model Paper in English

Qus21. What do you know about digital advertising?

Ans. Digital advertising is called as internet advertising when businesses leverage internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisements to consumers. It includes promotional advertisements and messages delivered through e-mail, social media websites, online advertising on [chi engines, banner ads on mobile or websites and affiliated programs,

Qus.22. What is corporate advertising?

Ans. Corporate advertising is a form of institutional advertising focusing not on a particular pro or product range but on the organization itself. Its primary purpose is to promote the name. I’m personnel or reputation of a company, organization or industry.

Qus.23. Why is corporate advertising controversial?

Ans. Corporate advertising is controversial because of the following reasons:

  1. Corporate advertising is a waste of money.
  2. This is a costly form of corporate self-indulgence.
  3. Consumers aren’t interested in this form of advertising.
  4. The firm’s finances or image must be in trouble.

Q.24. What is an advertorial?

Ans. An advertorial is an article that looks, feels and reads like any other editorial but is in fact a advertisement. They are designed from the outset to take the form of an independent news article.

Q.25. What is Public Relations (PR)?

Ans. Public relations are the management functions that identified, establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships philosophy and Between an organization and the various public on whom its success ‘function of management or failure depends. It is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort expressed in policies to establish and maintain mutual understanding between a and practices which serve the public to secure organization and its public.

 Q.26. What are the functions of PR?

Ans. The functions of PR are as follows:

  1. PR is establishing rig the relationship among organization and public.
  2. It is an art and science of developing reciprocal understanding and goodwill
  3. It analyses the public perception and attitude, identifies the organization policy with painters and then executes the programmers for communication with the public.

Q.27. What is sales promotion? 

Ans. Sales promotion is a marketing activity that includes all the activities performed by a prior by a dealer or by a businessman to increase his sales wedge Bo purpose is to encourage and persuade the consumer Event particular product. management is an

Q.28. What are the objectives of sales promotion? event planning service that is provided to clients

Ans. The various objectives of sales promotion are:

  1. To induce present customers to buy more.
  2. To increase the inventories of business buyers.
  3. To develop patronage habits among customers.
  4. To facilitate coordination.

Q.29. What is event management?

Ans. Event management is the application of prone and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferee necks ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts or conventions:

It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience devising the event concept and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.

  1. What do you know about unconventional promotion?

Ans. Unconventional promotion or unconventional advertising is also called as guerilla markets hat consists of creative, low-cost marketing methods used by small businesses to temporarily promote a product or service.

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