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MBA First Year Business Environment Model Question Paper 1

MBA First Year Business Environment Model Question Paper 1

MBA Mock Paper- 1
MBA Mock Paper- 1


Mock Paper -1

Time: 3 hours]                                                 [Maximum Marks: 100

Section A

Note: Attempt all questions of the following: 

1. (a) Define business environment.                                    (2×10=20)

(b) Differentiate between micro and macro environment. 

(C) What are the characteristics and functions of an economic system? 

(d) Explain the difference between public sector and private sector. 

(e) Explain the concept of fiscal policy. 

(f) What are the benefits of managing ethics? 

(g) What are the factors affecting business ethics? 

(h) What do you mean by transfer of technology?

(i) Define globalisation. 

(j) What are the objectives of special economic zones?

MBA First Year Business Environment Model Question Paper 1

Section B

Note: Attempt any five questions from this section.          (10×5=50)

2. What are the various factors that influence business environment? 

3. Discuss how the political system of the country can influence the economic system of a country. 

4. What are the different constituents of socialism? What are its merits? 

5. Describe technological change in various aspects of our lives. 

6. What are the effects of technological developments on globalisation process? 

7. Discuss about foreign market entry strategies. 

8. Discuss the concept of globalisation. Explain globalisation of economy and business. 

9. What is World Trade Organisation? Explain its objectives and functions. Write the difference

between GATT and WTO.

MBA First Year Business Environment Model Question Paper 1

Section C

10. Read the following case and answer the questions given at the end of the case: (15×2-30)

Softcore consultancy services are in the information technology sector. It is currently facing a shortage of skilled manpower and is fueling a hike in employee salaries, which have been posting a 10-40 per cent growth during the last couple of years. While there is an abundance of trainable human resources a dearth in skilled manpower is being full across the industry and this has resulted in a hike in salaries.

Typically, salary jumps happen not only in the conventional manner of being promoted but also because of professionals changing jobs more frequently. The increase in salaries varies from job to job, and ranks highest in the IT sector where employees get a hike of over 40 per cent when they join a new establishment. There is no dearth in entry level human resources as there is a large supply, but a severe shortage is felt in a middle level position.

According to Mr. Raj, CEO of Softcore, many new captive and third party off-shore facilities being set-up in the country have led to a competition for skilled human resources that are already scarce. This is also leading to an ever-widening demand supply gap and rise in the average salary level for all positions apart from pushing up attrition in existing facilities, he said.

There is new trend of employees moving to multinational companies abroad for higher salaries and global experience. The salary package and working environment is far better than India in countries like USA.

Then returning to India with global experience makes for a higher pay and position. This is also one reason for the shortage of skilled manpower and hike in employee salaries in the IT sector. 


(i) What problems is Softcore facing? Suggest some remedies for its problems. 

(ii) Do you support globalisation?

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