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MBA Ist Year Business Communication Section Wise Questions With Answers Examination Papers

MBA Ist Year Business Communication Section Wise Questions With Answers Examination Papers

(i) Inter-departmental, i.e. communication among the employees of the same department or 

(ii) Intra-department, i.e. communication among different departments of the organisation.

Further, communication may be either downward or upward. 

MBA Ist Year Business Communication Section Wise Questions With Answers Examination Papers
MBA Ist Year Business Communication Section Wise Questions With Answers Examination Papers

(a) Downward Communication: It means the flow of communication from the top management downward to the operating level. It may also be called a communication from a superior to a subordinate. It follows the line of authority from the top to the bottom of the organisation hierarchy. Downward communication consists of plan, instructions, orders, rules, etc.

MBA Ist Year Business Communication Section Wise Questions With Answers Examination Papers

(b) Upward Communication: Upward communication means the flow of information from the lower levels of the organisation to the higher levels of authority. It passes from subordinate to superior, for example, from worker to foreman, from foreman to manager, from manager to general manager, etc. Communication of this type includes ideas, suggestions, complaints, appeal, ports, etc. Upward communication is very important as it serves as the feedback on the effectiveness of downward communication.

Modes of Communication 

(a) Oral Communication: Oral communication may take place in face to face conversation or through mechanical devices. 

For more detail, Refer to Unit-II, Sec-C, Q.1.

(b) Written Communication: We cannot think of any organisation functioning without its presence. As the name implies written communication is transmitted by written words. It can taske the form of letters, notices, circulars, reports, memos, etc. Written communication may be sent by a  messenger or by a mechanical device:

(i) Messenger Service: Messenger service is very important for delivering important papers. The main duty of messenger is to go from department to department and receive and deliver written messages to and fro mvarious departments.

(ii) Internal Mail Service: This is an improvement over the above system. Under this system the messenger boy or the peon collects the necessary documents, messages, etc. from specified desks or departments and take them to their destinations at specified regular intervals. Under the method ‘in’ trays and ‘out’ trays are provided. 

(c) Mechanical Devices: Although use of mechanical devices for internal communication within the same premises has not gained much importance in our country, yet they are being increasingly used to link various branches of an organisation. Some of the more important devices are discussed below:

(i) Pneumatic Tubes: Pneumatic tubes are easy to install and no special skill is required to operate them. These tubes carry papers quickly and accurately to their destination. Under this system, a cylindrical pipe connects the various offices by means of which cylinders containing papers and documents are conveyed by suction from one department to another. 

(ii) Conveyors: The conventional conveyors used for light weight goods, may be used for carrying papers and documents. The conveyors are mostly suited to convey papers and messages when the volume of work is large and fairly constant and where stations remain fixed.

(iii) Chutes: Chutes are wide channels or pipes made of metal or wood, which run from a higher level to the lower level in a sloping fashion. In many parts of the west, they are used to drop mail or laundry. Thus, papers in an office can be dropped in large bundles from a higher floor to a lower floor. 

(iv) Lifts: When papers, folders, documents or registers, etc. have to be transmitted continuously between two or more floors, a small lift may be installed. The lift may be operated electrically or hydraulically. Such lifts are used in libraries, hotel 

(d) Electronic devices for Written Communication: Electronic innovations have revolutionised the means of affecting communication. Some rare or completely unknown electronic devices brought a complete change in the means of internal and external communication. internal and external communication

While telephone remains the most important of all links in the chain devices have tried to play an equally important role. Some electronic devices used in modern office are discussed below:

(i) Teleprinter : Teleprompter or telex is used for conveying messages from one place to another where teleprinters have been installed at both the ends. It consists of two types of equipments keyboard transmitter and receiver for printing the message.

(ii) Telewriter (Tele-autograph): This is called the electronic long-hand transmission. Under this method, handwritten messages are recived almost simultaneously as they are written electronically. A metal plate is attached to the machine and the message is written on it and is received on the other end.

(iii) Telefax: This is a machine used for transmitting sketches or drawings. The chart or diagram is first drawn or sketched on a paper. This is wrapped round a cymder the machine which, upon switching transmits the facsimile to the machine at the other end where it is reproduced simultaneously. 

(iv) Television: Television is used in offices to transmit messages. The television equipment consists of a tv camera, a power unit asnd one or more master viewers. The television camera is focussed on the necessary records, statistical tables and important documents, etc., which are to be seen or inspected.

The image of these is received on the television screen placed at the ec s . Modern bank offices can use this device for inspecting and verifying specimen signatures documents and deeds with considerable saving in time.

(V) videophone System: A videophone enables the caller to see as well as hear the party at the other end. When the caller lifts the videophone his image appears simultaneously on one half of his screen and on one half of that of the party he has called. When the other party answers, his image appears on the remaining halves of the two screens.

Choice of Means of Internal Communication

Internal communication should be such which maximises efficiency at minimum cost and optimum speed. In order to achieve these objectives, the communication system must have the following characteristics:

(a) Clarity is a fundamental necessity in case of communication. The system should allow

clear communication. 

(b) The system should be simple to operate and need not require elaborate set up. 

(C) The communication system should be cheap to install and to run. 

(d) It is desired that the communication must attract the full attention of the receiver

immediately on its receipt. 

(e) The means of communication must also ensure safety of the message to be sent. 

(f) The system chosen for communication should be economical. 

(g) There must be speed in transmission of messages. 

So, among all these, the most important is face to face conversation.

MBA Ist Year Business Communication Section Wise Questions With Answers Examination Papers

Or What are the most important speaking skills in communication? Explain them in brief 

Ans. Refer to Unit-II, Sec-C, Q. 2. 

2. You have found a wristwatch in your college canteen. Prepare a notice for the same to be put up on the college notice-board. 

Ans. Radha Govind Engg. College, Meerut 

11th September, 2017


Watch Found

It is informed to all the students and the staff of the college that I have found a wristwatch in the college canteen. It has a golden round dial and a brown strap. If anyone who owns it, she/he is requested to contact me. It will be deemed as a personal favour. 


MBA (Ist Sem)

Or Place an order with Usha Sewing Machines for ten sewing machines. Inform the supplier that the machines are urgently needed by some of your valuable customers. Specify the mode of transport and mode of payment. 

Ans. Placing an Order 

Maria Sewing Machines & Co.

14, Andheri West,

Mumbai-400 012

September 16, 2017 

Usha Sewing Machines 

B-27, Lajpat Nagar, 

New Delhi 

Attention: Order Department 

Dear Sir,

Please send me the following supplies as listed and priced in your catalogue 92.10 sewing machines Model-D33E-3326.

We require these machines as they are urgently needed by some of our valuable customers. We would like to be given 25% discount on the total bill as it is given by other manufacturers.

Kindly send these machines at your earliest.

A check for 10,000/- is being enclosed with this order and the rest of the amount will be paid on receiving the machines through cheque. Please ship the above items by Expedo Marine Services India Pvt. Ltd. (RPSL-CHN-003).

Any questions regarding this order should be directed to Maria Sewing Machines & Co., 14, Andheri west, Mumbai. 

Thank you for prompt and expeditions handling of this order. 


Akash Raijada

Office Manager 

3. Draft a job application for the post of an accounts officer in a leading MNC, as advertised in a leading national daily. Assume all information that is not provided. 

Ans.                            Application for the post of an Accounts Officer

Karan Mallik 

23, Sai Vihar, 

Park Road, 

Mumbai-400 014 

10th August, 2017 

The Personnel Manager 

Asim Navigation India Pvt. Ltd. 



Dear Sir,

This is in response to your advertisement in ‘The Times of India’ dated 8 August, 2017, inviting applications for the post of account officer. I would like to apply for the same.

I passed M.Com. examination with first class from the university of Bangalore in 2016. I have taken financial accounting as my special subject and have also taken a course in GST, VAT, direct and Indirect tax conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accounts, Bangalore. I have also good knowledge of computers as well.

I am a young man of 24 years and enjoy good health. I was adjudged the best athelete for two successive years from 2013 to 2015.

I have been working as executive manager for accounts in Intec Capital Ltd. for the last two years. As my job is temporary, I seek better prospects with an esteemed organisation such as yours.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity. Yours faithfully, Sarvesh Chopra 

MBA Ist Year Business Communication Section Wise Questions With Answers Examination Papers
MBA Ist Year Business Communication Section Wise Questions With Answers Examination Papers

Or What is grapevine? What are its benefits and drawbacks? Discuss the essentials of effective communication with examples. 

Ans. Refer to Unit-I, Sec-B, Q. 2.

Grapevine communication has the following drawbacks:

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