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MCom 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes

MCom 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes

Salient Features of Direct Mail Advertising

(i) The advertisement messages are prepared in writing. 

(ii) These messages are addressed directly to some selected persons. 

(ii) The messages may be different for different persons. 

(iv) It is flexible as the message can be changed whenever required. 

(v) The number of customers is limited.

(vi) It creates and maintains personal contacts through postal mail. 

Forms of Direct Mail Advertising

Various forms of direct mail advertising are as under:

1. Circular. A Circular which contains the same subject matter is prepared in large numbers and contains the same subject matter. It is simultaneously, despatched by a large number of persons. A Circular may relate to the information about the arrival of new goods, information about any special prize scheme, information about new prices, information about any change in the policies, etc.

2. Business Reply Card. Under this form of direct mail advertising, two cards the size of postcards are used. One card is used by the advertiser to inform the person about the product. Another card is meant for the customers to place orders. Mail advantage of a business reply card is that it encourages the customers to reply immediately because they do have not to pay anything which does so.

3. Price List. Some businessmen keep their customers informed about the changes in the prices of products from time to time. They prepare the list of the latest prices of their goods and send them to their customers through the post.

4. Catalogue. This is widely used by publishers. It contains the details of all the books being published by them. Catalogues are sent to the teachers, professors, booksellers, libraries, etc. so that they come to know about the books of these publishers.

5. Booklets. It is a mini book of a small size. It contains complete details of a particular product or some selected product being produced by a producer. It also contains pictures and diagrams specifying the product. It is sent to some selected customers by the producer. (MCom 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes)

6. Novelty Gifts. Some Gifts items, such as–Diary, Calender, Wall Cloak, Watch, Utensils, etc. are sent by the businessmen or producers to their selected customers. These items remind these customers of the producer and his products.

7. Personal Letters. Sometimes, businessmen post personal letters to their customers. These letters are written in the same manner as personal letters between friends or relatives or family members. These letters may contain some details about the products on terms and conditions of sale or some business problems between businessmen and customers.

8. Others. Some companies bring out their own magazines at some regular interval. Such magazines are brought out only by big companies. These magazines contain complete details about the company and its products. 

(IV) Other Media of Advertising

Some other forms of advertising may be explained as under:

1. Fairs and Exhibitions. India is a country in which various fairs and exhibitions are organized in different parts at different times. Since these fairs and exhibitions are visited by a large number of people, businessmen and manufacturers get the opportunity of advertising their goods. (MCom 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes)

2. Cinema. Cinema is considered one of the cheapest and most popular mediums of entertainment these days. Advertisers get their cinema slides prepared and these slides are played in the beginning and during intervals.

3. Radio Advertising, Today, radio has emerged as one of our major advertising media. It provides a very large coverage of the audience in the urban and rural areas. Today, it is extremely popular with both trade and industry as the demand exceeds the time. Radio advertising may be described as a word of mouth advertising on a wide scale. The advertiser delivers the message orally and not visually. It makes an appeal to the ear not to the eye with the effect that the message is conveyed to the masses whether literate or illiterate. (MCom 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes)

4. Television Advertising. It is said that today television advertising is the best-selling media ever invented. It has a potential advertising impact unmatched by any other media. It is a means of bringing actual demonstration to the homes of the prospects and is, therefore, more effective media when compared with radio.

5. Loudspeakers. Under this form of advertising, a Rickshaw or a Tonga or a Car, etc. is used. A loudspeaker is placed on it, and the message is announced in different localities of the city.

6. Sky Writing. Under this method of advertising, some words are written in the sky with the help of a special gas aeroplane. These words play in the sky for some seconds. This method is not popular in our country.

7. Free Samples. Under this method, some sample packings are prepared and distributed among consumers. These samples provide an opportunity for the consumers to use these samples and then adopt these products.

8. Competition. Some producer announces a competition. In it, consumers are required to reply to some questions and to give a slogan about the product. They are also required to send some wrappers or cartoons or casa-memo that may prove that they have purchased the product. It can sales of the product.

9. Other Maans. Other means of advertising may be—Sale at Reduced Prices, Trade Discount, Free Gift with purchase of a Certain value of Certain quantity, Window Display, etc. (MCom 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes)

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