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MCOM 2nd Year Contents Of Product Planning Study Notes


A good brand should have following characteristics :

1. Brand name should be simple and short. A customer wants a short brand name which is easy to use and to understand.

2. Brand name should be easy to remember. If a customer forget the brand name woule not be popular and cannot attain a predetermined goal.

3. Brand naine should be easy in pronunciation. If the name of brand is tough to speak, customer will not like to use that brand product because they would unable to ask for that product.

4. The brand name should indicate the particular quality of product. When a customer get informed about a brand, brand should give information about a product. This enforces the customer to buy a product.

5. Brand name should be attractive. It gives a positive effect on customer. If customer attracts with the brand name it will increase the sale and demand of product.


Packaging is the container or wrapper of product. Customers like the product

which is good in form and offers customer to sensiceable shape. The importance of packaging can be categorised in two parts:

(i) Physical, 

(ii) Psychological

Physically packaging means that it should be easy to store and shipment ychological aspect indicates that packaging helps to increase sales The packaging should fulfill the requirement of 4 groups of people :

(i) Customers, 

(ii) Shippers, 

(iii) Distributors, 

(iv) Host government.

The cbjective of packaging is to serve the product to all the groups in a proper form. Packaging provides the safety and protection to the product and facility in transport. Customer enables to identify the product because of packaging. Packaging fulfills the following requirements of all groups :

1. Customer Requirements. Different countries have different customer requirements. Socio-cultural aspects affect the customers’ requirements. Customers needs and choices should be examined to know the latest fashion and increase the sale. The packaging should be done after research. The packaging includes shape of the package. Symbols and figures have to use on it, words and phrases and after examined these aspects carefully packaging should be done in the favour of host country.

Developed countries customers attract with visual look Whereas the customers of developing countries consider the overall physical quality of package. Most customers kept and used package as a container. The cost of package should not be very high otherwise it will adversely affect the sale because the high cost of the package will also increase the cost of product.

The size of package is considered for different nation. The size should be according to the uses of the nation.

For example : The eight-ounce jar of coffee is fit for U.S. nations where coffee is frequently used but where coffee is used infrequently the jar can not be sold well.

The another aspect which affect the package is climate. The climate of different countries is also different or not same. The package should be done to bear the climate of different countries. The packages have to be reconsidered for shipping to zones of high temperature. If package would not successful, customer would not like to purchase that product.

It is clear from above information that packaging is very much useful for both the countries.

2. Shipper Requirements. Shipping is the one mode of transportation which shipper working in international marketing try to send the goods or gets goods to his destination without loss and damage. Packaging plays an important role in keeping goods well. If we answer some questions then it will be easy to send the goods safely. Those questions may be :

(i) Where is the shipment going? 

(ii) How far is the destination? 

(iii) What are the net weight and type of load requirements? (iv) Additional requirements are any?

If a shipper work according to the answers of those questions. The good will safely delivered to the destination.

3. Requirements of Distributor. Distributors establish distribution channels for increase the sales and dispersion and conversion of the products. Distribution helps to avoid the theft and damage of goods. The packaging of the shipped goods should be proper. The requirements of domestic and international marketing are same.

For example: 

(i) Package should be small in size. 

(ii) The package should be easy to handle. 

(iii) It should not have high cost. 

(iv) It should permit easy and efficient pricing marketing and labelling.

4. Government Requirements. Government requirement includes labelling a marking of product. Labelling applies to retail packages. Packaging provides information about product. It ensures that rules and regulation of the government strictly followed. Labelling does not affect by marking because it is related to only transport container.

As we can see products have packaging with two common languages gives information about government requirement which are fulfilled by packages. The nations adopt metric system needs provision of information about weight and measure in metric designation,

Packaging affected by above requirements. Packaging fulfills above requirements of 4 groups.

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