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MCOM 2nd Year Transferability Analysis Study Material Notes

MCOM 2nd Year Transferability Analysis Study Material Notes Unit Wise Chapter Wise Study Material Notes Question Answer In Our Site a2znotes.com


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Normally, there are two aspects to consider the advertising preposition for international transfer : (A) the purchase proposal and (B) the creative presentation.

MCOM 2nd Year Transferability Analysis Study Material Notes
MCOM 2nd Year Transferability Analysis Study Material Notes

[A] Buying or Purchase Proposal means the content not the form, of the advertisement. The most relevant factors and persuasives are the center of advertisement..

[B] The Creative Presentation refers to the transferring of purchase proposal into an advertising message, which have the main line idea and all the viable and verbal factors of the advertisement.

Both the aspects are not similar to one another. They have some differences and the differences may be illustrated with the reference to tooth paste. In this example, the cosmetic benefit would be the purchase proposal and the cavity prevention would be considered as creative presentation. Creative presentation is more tough to transfer in overseas market while buying purchase offer is far easier to transfer across countries boundaries. Creative presentation have such a problem only because of certain requirements are based globally and motivation of consumer for such products and services do not differ very much.

For Instance: Every nation have same expectations for a laundry detergent. Similarly, those businessmen who often use airlines services want the punctuality is very important for businessman who fly very frequently, regardless their nationality,

While the creative presentation is troublesome to transfer in its original shape. The unimpaired transfer of creative presentation may face following obstacles.

1. Competitive Barriers. Competition for making a product popular in overseas market is very important obstacle. The degree of this competition varies from one country to another nation. This competition may often compel changes in advertising view point for peculiar positioning.

2. Legislative Obstacle. Every country imposes some rules and regulation on advertisi “advertising. Every nation has imposed different restrictions on the advertising industry.

3. Communication Obstacles. The need and choice varies from one nation to another. A product which is funny for one country may be foolish for another nation. As the Exxon tiger’s ad, putting a cartoon character in the gas tank, did not make sense to swedes.

4. Cultural Barriers. Women are accepted without quarries as family spokepersons in many Anglo-Sexon nations. But in Latin America women’s does not have same position or much less so in Latin America and in muslim nations rarely women’s are accepted as family spokeperson.

5. Instrumentation Barriers. Poor printing and reproduction might be includes in implementation barriers. The cause of those barriers are :

(i) The level of facilities available or limited resources. 

(ii) The compulsion of using local landscape and models to escape negative inference. 

It would be naive to hope that a standardized creative presentation could succeed worldwide. Thus, proper marketing research should be guided to determine which factors of the creative presentation can be kept in mind which must be replaced, and what must be added.


Selling have many methods and personal selling is one out of them. Personal selling is the process of assisting and persuading a prospective buyer to purchase & product in a face-to-face situation. In this method of selling create direct contact between the seller and purchaser. This method is most effective in selling the products. Personal selling helps to promote the product and it increases profitable sales by offering want-satisfying products or services to the consumer.

In the words of Pederson and Wright, “Personal selling or salesmanship is the process whereby the seller ascertains and activates the needs or wants of the buyer and satisfied the needs or wants to mutual continuous advantages of both the buyer and the sellers.”

Personal selling have face-to-face contact between the seller and purchaser with a motive of selling the products or services.

The objective of personal selling is not to ensure only present sale, but winning a regular consumer or permanents customer. According to G. Blake, “Salesmanship consists of winning a regular and permanent customer.”

Personal selling is pervasive in nature. Personal selling results in many benefits for both seller and customer. Salesman must be friendly in nature if he does not do the same, he has to pay only in the short-run. Aggressive selling is ethically bad. The needs and wants of cuscomers may be fulfilled by a good salesman. The salesman should use problem-solving approach to ensure customer satisfaction.

Personal selling takes place whenever a customer is met in person by a representative of the marketing company. When doing business internationally, companies will have to meet customers from different countries. These customers may be accustomed to different business customs and may speak in various language. That is why personal selling in an individual context is extremely complex and requires some very special skills on the part of the sales person.


It is clear from the above information that personal selling have following features:

1. Personal Selling Aims at Reciprocal Advantage. Personal selling is a two way process or there should be at least two parties first the seller and second is the purchase. Personal selling is beneficial for both the parties. It is useful in solving the quarries of customers and satisfying their needs.

2. Personal Selling Involves Providing Information. Personal selling is the process in which the buyer gets adequate information about the product because the seller provides all the informations face-to-face to the customer. The information includes the information about the product available and their broad features and their uses and utility to the consumers. Thus, personal selling is the educative process.

3. Personal Selling involves Gaining Consumers Confidence. Presently, personal selling aims at educating the consumer and providing a solution to customers problems. If a seller does the same he can use the confidence of customer. Seller should honestly provide the information about the product. Because cheating, misrepresentation, dishonesty etc. may be the cause of losing the confidence of customer for ever.

4. Personal Selling Involves Convince of Consuiners. Personal seller must have the ability to convince the consumer. Personal seller may increase his sales through convince the people to buy his product. Thus, personal selling is the dexterity of handling people and convince them purchase a certain product or service or idea.

The differences between advertising and personal selling are as follows:

1. Personal or Direct Contact Personal selling is the process in which the seller has face-to-face contact with the purchaser. On the other hand, advertising does not have personal or face-to-face contact with their customers or it is a non-personal form of communication.

2. Message. The message in the personal selling is exact and flexible which may change in the different sales presentation. While the message of advertising Es common for all those who came across with a specific media of advertisement. Advertising spread the same message for all sales presentation.

3. Objective. The objectives of personal selling and advertising also varies. The objective of pe sonal selling is to attain sales by satisfying customers. While he advertising coes not have a single objective whereas it has multiple bjectives. For ea umple : (i) Increasing sales, (ii) Creating firm and desired osition of product in the market, (iii) Introduction of new product or service, nd (iv) Fighting against competition.

4. Media. Personal selling has face-to-face contact with the customer. It ncludes oral and gestural communication. Advertising has a big support of media because the large number of media components are used in this way. ewspapers, T.V., posters, cinema halls, Magazines, window displays etc. are avolved in the presentation of advertising.

5. Effect. Salesmanship involves communication with each purchaser or consumer. The effect of personal selling is apparent on the people who come in contact with the sales person. On the other hand, advertising is the mass communication which is to a high level of number of peoples the effect using is depending upon the coverage of media which issued.

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